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Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services in Walnut Creek & Brentwood, California

The air conditioning system in your car might not be required for you to stay on the road, but it can certainly feel important as the temperature in your vehicle rises. There are air conditioning components in your car or truck that need consistent attention to protect them from drying out and becoming damaged. At Walnut Creek Import Service and Sales, we advise our customers to schedule consistent maintenance and service visits to ensure the reliable performance of their cooling system. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of a heat spell without some source of relief inside your vehicle. Learn to recognize the signs that you need car air conditioner repair.

Signs of Cooling Problems

Most air conditioning systems are made up of a compressor that pressurizes and circulates refrigerant to send refreshing cool air through your vehicle. Leaks in the system, loss of pressure or lack of refrigerant can prevent the air conditioning components from functioning. If you notice that you aren’t getting the same amount of cooling from your system, you can’t hear the air conditioner clutch engaging or you see leaking refrigerant, schedule air conditioning repair as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Services in Walnut Creek & Brentwood, California
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