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How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

A car in the rainy winter
In the colder months, vehicles require a little extra care. To keep your automobile running its best even through freezing temperatures, follow these tips.

Check the Tires

Driving in ideal conditions can still be unpredictable. Driving through inclement weather like snow and ice increases that level of potential danger. It’s important to take every precaution to increase your chances of safe and stress-free travels. To do this, take some time to carefully inspect your tires before leaving home. Your tire pressure and tread are extremely important and should be checked on a regular basis, but especially in winter weather.

Inspect Antifreeze and Coolant Levels

Your vehicle’s engine relies on adequate antifreeze levels to keep the engine from getting too cold. The engine is a vital part of your car and needs to be kept at appropriate temperatures at all times. Conditions outdoors can change quickly throughout the winter, so it’s always advisable to check your antifreeze and coolant levels often.

Pack a Winter Emergency Supply Kit

If you live in an area that receives severe weather throughout the winter months, it’s wise to equip your vehicle with an emergency winter supply kit. Even if you stay on top of checking antifreeze and coolant levels, it’s still possible to get stranded in winter weather. As a safety precaution, pack a bag that contains:
  • Road flares
  • Heavy-duty flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Snacks like protein bars or trail mix
  • A change of clothes
To learn more about how to prepare your vehicle for winter or schedule auto repairs, contact Walnut Creek Import Service and Sales in Brentwood.