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How to Detect an Oil Leak

checking the dipstick oil level
Do you see a dark spot in the garage when your car isn’t there? That’s not good. You may have oil leaking from your car and you need to figure out what is leaking and from where.

Determine What Is Leaking

You can use the oil sample on the ground to determine—or narrow down—what is leaking. Look at the color of the liquid. If it’s black, it’s most likely engine oil; transmission and power steering fluid are red; and washer and antifreeze fluids are blue.

Check Your Oil Reservoirs

If you can determine the color of the liquid, check that oil reservoir. Pull the dipstick, wipe it off, stick it back in, pull it out and check to see if there is oil on the stick. For washer and antifreeze fluid, you can probably see through the reservoir. If the fluid level is low, you may have found your leak.

Light Check

The next thing you will want to do is determine where the leak originates. You may be able to see the drip, but it might be a slow leak or one that runs along the underbelly. Take a flashlight to see if you can find where the leak starts.

Consult a Professional

If you’re struggling to find the leak, don’t worry. Come to Auto Import Service and we will give it a look. We have ways to check for a leak that you won't have at home, such as a UV light and dyed liquids.
Auto Import Service can find and repair oil leaks, change your oil, install brakes and more. Our Brentwood, Connecticut, mechanics will help you understand the issues with your car and our solutions. Call 925-240-0110 to schedule a service appointment!